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Hey folks, was bit busy with our oDesk oh no, upwork projects on last months but here we are! And not with empty hands. I promised you to come up with new things on last post but suddenly things were changed with other external projects for the world’s other end. Even I was working on an awesome project which is bringing Slack to WP. Clues are enough for curious geeks to find that!

Anyway here’s something interesting. Pretty sure that you or your friend claimed a domain before going it to another hand but didn’t even plan what to place on the browser view. Of course much hands will be raised. Who wants to pay just for a “Coming Soon” web design for a individual developer or a company? Swear to god me won’t spend much time on that unless I bought it for my grand-son. Sometimes a beginner would say oi, it’s no big deal. Then I’d say: Dude, path is a long way. Responsive, latest Material Design, Customizable, Light weight, Generic and making space to anyone to make their own theme is somewhat you should be think of.

All we wanted (indeed, always) to make your daily life’s things comfortable. Something simple to use, but powerful to run. Reducing time for the begin and focus on tomorrow. Getting the most of your purpose while stayed back and relaxed. With these, we recently came up with TWT.LK the link shortner and now a WordPress plugin IgniteUp which is a catchy facade to display till you launch your website or when if it’s down for maintenance or maybe while offline. It’s powered up with inbuilt 4 eye-candy themes for each purpose. Good thing is, customization placed at its best. There you can use each theme for each incidence overriding the default without a fault.

Set of built-in templates on IgniteUp

Some of these templates support email subscribers so you can catch who’re interested about your website and send a mail announcing your launch. Getting it to a downtime, you can let them know as soon the site comes up. Yet the list of emails are downloadable as CSV and BCC but we’re also working on to integrate known mailling-list providers: MailChimp, MailPoet, Enormail just to name a few. Here’s a list of links you can check few demo templates:

screenshot-5 As these templates are mobile responsive, no need of thinking about a mobile.yoursite.com because same acts for both. The screenshot here is with a custom background which improved the view being tricky. I kept it here to remind you that doing some magic -Relevant background- will increase it’s power of impression. Adding your social media links on Template Options followed by Tab in Options page of the plugin will show icons of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, you name it. Do you run WP multi-sites? Plugin supports!

Personally, I love using my devices in my mother-tongue Sinhala, It’s up you to say “lame! you might not good in reading English”. No? um glad! Our plugin natively come with English and Sinhala (si_LK). That means, it’s translatable to any language. So feel free to contribute and make it available for your own language.

Talking about the stats, plugin has been downloaded by more than 400 users within first week of v1.0, Rated in 5 stars, 3 resolved support tickets and now 300+ active installations with v1.1. Daily we get 50+ installations as you can check yourself here. No smoke without a spark, right? Then why you no give it a try? Open a support request anytime on troubles and we are always here for you. Maybe thereafter, the impressed you will make a nice review for us here.

Let me tell you about an easter egg too. On the Launcher Template there’s a rocket you might already saw. You know what, moving the mouse on it makes it moving and when the countdown stops, it launches. Cool, hah? Give these a try and comment here about your opinions, suggestions or may be about a trouble. We love to here your voice.

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