Reach your customers via SMS for FREE with

Keeping a constant customer base is something we have in our ingredients of success. We’ve done small research on reaching the maximum number of  people in Sri Lanka and what resulted is that SMS are still taking over smartphone notifications and that’s still very effective. So we built ‘’ a platform that makes easier reaching customers not only from our service but also an API where anyone can plug in. Continue reading

No more “Lonely.. I’m Mr. Lonely” with

Being single doesn’t feel right. It’s not just the thing in end but everyone needs someone to be cared till the end of life; and the lovers say it doesn’t end up at death. May be, but don’t ask me: Is it true, Mr. Lonely?

I see tons of dating sites in the internet but what feels right? In my personal opinion I’ll stay alone rather registering at such a place that reveals me to the whole world. They sell our profiles, don’t they? But eventually I got something can be trusted, never tracked personal information for advertising or any, encrypted messages that even administrators won’t see what we are talking and cared much about the privacy with a support center. Yes, I’m telling this as a team member of the project. Continue reading

IgniteUp : WordPress plugin for your website on launchpad

Hey folks, was bit busy with our oDesk oh no, upwork projects on last months but here we are! And not with empty hands. I promised you to come up with new things on last post but suddenly things were changed with other external projects for the world’s other end. Even I was working on an awesome project which is bringing Slack to WP. Clues are enough for curious geeks to find that!

Anyway here’s something interesting. Pretty sure that you or your friend claimed a domain before going it to another hand but didn’t even plan what to place on the browser view. Of course much hands will be raised. Who wants to pay just for a “Coming Soon” web design for a individual developer or a company? Swear to god me won’t spend much time on that unless I bought it for my grand-son. Sometimes a beginner would say oi, it’s no big deal. Then I’d say: Dude, path is a long way. Responsive, latest Material Design, Customizable, Light weight, Generic and making space to anyone to make their own theme is somewhat you should be think of. Continue reading

Transformation to Sinhala Tamil New Year 2015

Brace yourself, Spring is coming! Office has closed till next 20th April for the coming New Year of Sri Lankan Calendar. Before the time hundreds of small things has changed in our office while growing our skills and the count of members too. So in Ceylon Systems it can be literally called as spring with these new colorful blossoms in our nerdy crew.  Also there’re a number of products pending to be published soon such as few mobile apps, and some surprising website that will make you a heartthrob. Meanwhile, here I came to tell you some gossips in the office popped out in last days.

Continue reading