No more “Lonely.. I’m Mr. Lonely” with

Being single doesn’t feel right. It’s not just the thing in end but everyone needs someone to be cared till the end of life; and the lovers say it doesn’t end up at death. May be, but don’t ask me: Is it true, Mr. Lonely?

I see tons of dating sites in the internet but what feels right? In my personal opinion I’ll stay alone rather registering at such a place that reveals me to the whole world. They sell our profiles, don’t they? But eventually I got something can be trusted, never tracked personal information for advertising or any, encrypted messages that even administrators won’t see what we are talking and cared much about the privacy with a support center. Yes, I’m telling this as a team member of the project.

FYI, getting married is not a game. You’ll have to figure out who you are, what you’re interested about and what do you expect from partner. I will never add ‘Hotness’, ‘Coke shape’ or ‘Figure’ to the list, as they flies by the time. If you do, you aren’t ready to marry but for some other thing that never lasts long.

Mangala Yojana (en: Marriage Proposals) will take care of your stuff. It’s your partner and with it’s now under your control. Therefore no need to pay millions to match makers who never knew about you more than their black umbrellas.

Here’s how to get married: Navigate to and fill up the form in right for basic credentials and click Submit. Be honest by now because you’re gonna teach the system about your interests by next three minutes, and that’s all. Don’t forget to add a charming photo of you by navigating to Profile by menu and clicking Pencil mark on profile picture.

The search page, which splits to Basic and Advanced, you can set age and height range (other fields are optional) and check if any interesting one is looking for your accompany. With best of luck if you found one, Click on their name to view the profile. There’s a big bang blue button to Propose but hold your horses. If you’re in a hurry; beneath there’s a small box with all information of their story. Start scrolling for more. There’s a small bio wrote by themselves (as you did while teaching the system) and other information of Basic, Family, Education and Location. And the best part in purple, Partner Preferences. That’s what they expect from you; and it’s the same of you, way to go! Click that sweet button to propose.

Right away, they’ll get notified of your interest and they may come to view your profile depending how much your profile picture is reliable. So it’s better to clean up your room soon before. They’ll accept your proposal if they feel comfort about you. Click on the notification and open the doors to the city in your sacred heart and say “Hi” by clicking Green button named “Message”. May be if they allowed, you’ll able to view their contact numbers too.

It was the common thing, no? Most social networks act like same. But here’s a good thing here. In the menu, you’ll see Matches and Daily10. Depending on the information you gave at your Partner Preferences, system will find best matches for you that makes easy. No doubt that you’ll wonder how accurate it is. Also don’t forget to check Daily-10, system will randomly pick 10 profiles (Of course, tomorrow your one too!) daily.

To get more outcome, get upgraded easily with your familiar payment method: Paypal, ezCash etc. It’ll promote you through the site to spread the love by your interest on the site.

So.. need anything more to mention? Here’s the basic; observe more!

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