Transformation to Sinhala Tamil New Year 2015

Brace yourself, Spring is coming! Office has closed till next 20th April for the coming New Year of Sri Lankan Calendar. Before the time hundreds of small things has changed in our office while growing our skills and the count of members too. So in Ceylon Systems it can be literally called as spring with these new colorful blossoms in our nerdy crew.  Also there’re a number of products pending to be published soon such as few mobile apps, and some surprising website that will make you a heartthrob. Meanwhile, here I came to tell you some gossips in the office popped out in last days.

A bad news first. Back in few weeks we were working as fine as a clean coded PHP snippet but suddenly our Air Conditioner has gone bad. For sure, it couldn’t resist our bright codes; but I think because of the set of hot dudes. Wait.. what? I should check the machine if it’s female by office starts. Ugh, no men! I’ll just RTFM. By the way times spent without it, was bit hard of being pigs. Thanks to the ‘quick’ services here, we got it fixed by thousands of calls to the company and after ‘hundred of piggy days’. Also our CEO’s laptop has gone down so the new proposals and approvals got in a long queue.

CCONm2KWMAAc3OqWe’re working on several WordPress plugins of a oDesk client -a lady from few months which gave me advanced experiences in WP plugin development. There we met a set of designers, developers, analyzers and system testers. It was so nice to spend time and work with them. Suddenly there was an issue that one of the plugins was in a bottleneck with old Internet Explorer versions. You know what? For the first time in the earth I had to download IE from Firefox. I’m a Google Chrome fan indeed, but Sinhala unicode has gone mad by the new updates on my laptop with Windows 10 Technical Preview. So I switched to developer version of Firefox temporary, but this IE thing..!

Pizza PartyRecently our designer, Sashen was in a relationship with a lucky big-fat-cute girl from western province and we were asking for a treat from the beginning. He’s a good one with skills to skip requests but not from us! Eventually it came as a pizza party what he called “Boo party” because the couple named themselves “Boo” which stands for ‘Bae’ I think. Who cares what, we enjoyed the party!! His laptop either gone down by corrosion making him so awful to see with thousands of tweets, gasps, and worst: he sat under my table and WhatsApp’d with boo whining. It was in that terrible to hold him the pressure, and at our end too. Well, I won’t post that snap; he’ll kill me by next day.

Our other developer, Sahan has bought a new phone by saying bye-bye to his non-smart phone history, who is smart himself. It was HTC One M8 which changed his characteristics enormously. Now in every second we hear BRR-BRR the sound of its big whirring vibrator for notifications. Quiet sure, we’ll get another party -whatever it’s called, soon. Ones I asked him if it is, but reply was Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!

 pandaAbout in November or December; I guess, our director Praboda has ordered a new car, a Micro Panda which made him up and go nowadays. The order was completed in the last days of March and there was a big gap of few months which should be calculated to seconds. Because receiving the car was a big relief for ourselves of listening to his grousing. Actually we felt sorry for him as you know the pain without having the pearl we love. Well, it’s time to have a ride in the so-called official vehicle where our designer was only lucky yet to have. Yesterday(10) he bought a new HP laptop powered by NVIDIA Graphics and Beats Audio too. As usual, I felt “Dat feeling” when the package has opened. Smell of new electronics!

Last Friday(03) we changed our name board to a cutting edge one. There we all had to be kinda blacksmiths to set it up in front of the office by removing the reverts of frame, where Sashen was good at it and covering up the new one with new reverts which was amazingly done by Sahan with help of some specific tool. It was so fun to work on a non-related of our profession and we made it!

Then the best part. We got two girls to the office making it ‘not only for boys’ finally, yes. One was the girl friend of director, of course it sounds terrific but it’s good of her to be the nicest one at us and steal my duty of making tea. In short, she rocks! Other one isn’t that social yet, still a trainee though. Not just that, I was in the corner of the office -in the”Thambaru’s Spot” which I loved much but this one threw me out to the right next seat as she wanted our desktop machine there. Poor me was about to sit on there next day by involuntary. Forget the tragedies, now I’m sitting in the middle of two girls running through the office helping others in troubles. I should also mention that she’s a speedy learner.

So the things has changed rapidly, good things – bad things all aboard. We’re readying for New Year celebrations these days and on next 20th Monday where we all meet back as I mentioned above- the office is closed for seasonal celebrations- then a number of packages of sweets will cheer up the love. Heard that some Kiribath will be there from Praboda, so all will be perfect. Hope if we could work well by eating all these oily things and sweets, who says no for Kevum Kokis!

Wish you all a, Suba Aluth Awuruddak! Stay tuned for our new babies -products from next months in a row.

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