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TWT.LK is not just another URL Shortener as its brilliant way of keeping your URLs short and sweet. In daily life we work with hundreds of URLs with browsing through the internet and sometimes we find gems on the way. So we always like to share it with colleagues & friends as nerds. Don’t we? And you might know the pain of seeing a huge URL that shared by your friend which wipes over your chat box. It’ll make you scrolling miles when you go through the chat history. Not only that, think about a formal email. Who wants to type “Click here” or something and hyperlink every single huge URL to it? If you do, say Hello to our Copy & Paste.

Well, this service is not about the rocket science, may be describing it on this post. Anyway here’s the thing. Think you got a URL that’s long as an anaconda. Before sharing, go to and you’ll see “Paste your URL here” box on the top. Now just do as it asks. As an example think you pasted “http://this.ismy.url/it-is-long-as-an-anaconda/so-i-gotta-short-it/before-share”. Remember the HTTP part to let the service understand the protocol and validate.


That’s all, now just click the big orange “Shorten URL” to pluck an orange. I’m kidding right? As soon you paste, tree becomes short and drops the orange right on your hand by itself. Your URL will be converted few characters just like four or five. How cool is that! I mean the simplicity?

Not that all, if you wanna save a list of your sweet URLs and keep track how much people gone through, just login. You’ll say “Oh no! Another password to remember. I’ll rather remember your short URL easily”. Yeah true, the URL is in that short but go ahead. No need to remember another password and hear to hundreds of embarrassing common system messages “Username in use, please pick another” and blah blah. You can just use your daily account like Google/Facebook or if you prefer, your email.

Let me say you a fun fact. In some incidences it makes words. When I was updating our main site and shortened to take a screenshot. Guess what, it gave me for How cute is that no?! You too give a try for such a pretty random name when sharing links with your caring people. The much you do is much you care 😉

Keep cutting short the web!

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