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Keeping a constant customer base is something we have in our ingredients of success. We’ve done small research on reaching the maximum number of  people in Sri Lanka and what resulted is that SMS are still taking over smartphone notifications and that’s still very effective. So we built ‘’ a platform that makes easier reaching customers not only from our service but also an API where anyone can plug in.You might be using SMSs to reach your friends with your own number but as a business, when you send your customers from your own number it doesn’t sound professional. Then there comes Sender IDs which displays the name of your business instead of a number. It must be familiar with you if you’re using SMS banking kinda services but now you can send such messages too! Without bragging let’s get to the best features of

Register on Notify in seconds

It doesn’t take long to create an account on and you also get a reward of Rs. 25 that can be used to send SMS for FREE! Claim your reward here: Register

All contacts in one place

Contacts view: Contact grouping, Email & SMS campaigns at one place.

Once your contacts added to the Notify, it can be easily viewed and allows you to send SMS either by individually or as a bulk. Adding contacts is easy. You can use your existing database in CSV format or Excel sheet to import to Notify, but also you can add individual ones on the dashboard.

Scheduled messages

‘Notify’ is a powerful tool specially for campaigns like seasonal promotions. All you have to do is add your customer (contacts) numbers which is a one time process and type the message you want to be sent; pick a date and time and then Viola! Notify takes over sending your message on time.

Powerful API

Notify stunts an API where you can integrate the service to your website. Say you have a registration or subscribe form or either a mobile verification, so you can automate sending SMS via that to your visitor/customer. Notify is deployed on powerful servers that handles your requests very well with 99.99% uptime so we’ve got your back.

Flexible packages: Pay as you go packages and prices at the time of writing


When you’re satisfied with your free trial it’s time to move to the next level with a better package. Notify has a popular package called SME for Small and Medium size Enterprises which gives 2000 messages just for Rs. 1.90 per SMS. Besides you also can switch to Pay & Go which only charges only you if you use the service.

Summary is an easy-to-use service either with its built-in dashboard or API built by Ceylon Systems. It has ability to send SMS right away or schedule for future as individual or bulk and show you reports and detailed logs. Notify’s nice set of packages with competitive prices that even can be paid on usage.

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